Planning your DevOps journey

Planning your dev ops journey is composed of two activities: define and plan. These activities refer to the business value and application requirements your business has.

Having the objectives that your business requires of the DevOps process sorted before engaging the process is important. The DevOps cycle without these directions from business is not a magic fix for the business’s problems. It is a tool set to make the business more responsive to solving those problems.


From a knowledge base of your business’ problems and requirements the most logical place to kick the DevOps cycle off on is the planning phase.

This planning phase either produces or requires:

  • Production metrics, objects, and feedback
  • Requirements
  • Business metrics
  • Update release metrics
  • Release plan, timing, and business case
  • Security policy and requirements

Once you have these things you can kick off the cycle and move into the coding phase.

A combination of IT personnel will be involved in the planning activities:

business application owners, 

  • software developers (involved in conceiving, specifying, designing,programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing the applications, frameworks, or other software components.)
  • software architects (responsible for high level design, overall system structure and behaviour)
  • continual release managers (managing, planning, scheduling, and controlling a software build throughout stages and different environments)
  • security officers
  • the organization responsible for managing the production of IT infrastructure.

This phase will use your businesses planning frameworks already in place. There is no DevOps planning software specifically. Use your project management tools to make this process work and integrate into your businesses existing systems.

Let WiRD assist you in integrating DevOps into your existing business planning. Our project managers, solution and enterprise Architects are excited to integrate good DevOps into your business.

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