About WiRD

Our management consultants and domain specific subject matter experts  focus on helping our clients to translate their Strategies into high performing business and operating models that will enable our clients to sustainably create value within their competitive environment. These strategy specialists also have the experience needed to help our clients successfully transition their organization to these new business and operating models.


We are an entrepreneurial consulting firm specializing in business and technology alignment. We practice what we preach, building and running our own digital business. We have deep industry vertical experience in a number of industries. Our customers are primarily in financial services, banking, insurance and Mobile Network markets. However we have broad experience in Healthcare, Logistics, manufacturing and IT businesses.


We have been innovating and developing digital, customer centric approaches to business since 1996.

How could we work together?

Architecting Enterprises

As Enterprise Architects and consultants we work with customers in many industries to Understand complex issues, Articulate the issue, make rational decisions and Design the outcome. The approach has proven effective From Aviation to FSI to small business.

Financial Services

We work with FSI customers from Capetown to Cote d'Ivoire and as far as New Zealand. 

In this niche we are particularly focused on Digital enablement, using a holistic and pragmatic approach to the modernisation and differentiation journey. 

Business Services

Customers have been transitioning to a more digital and customer centric model since before we started in 1996. We align business models to strategy and work to execute on transformation programmes.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

As business models transform to real time, open ecosystems with complex interactions, we assist customers to understand and mitigate the emerging risks. 

We apply advanced data and machine learning to traditional IT audit and GRC practices.

Moving to the Cloud

Software as a Service platforms are maturing. Consequently our experienced Cloud team assist an ever growing number of use cases migrate to the cloud. Where the business case makes sense...


Theory is great - but the agile world of work required practical delivery.
Working with our Partners and Associates we ensure that our consulting work results in delivered change.

Our mission

Our architects combine business knowledge and technology expertise to develop practical solutions that align business and technology strategies with the appropriate architecture.

 Out team members are known for their extensive experience in various fields, including business, information, application and technology architectures. Customers with business strategy alignment and digitally enabled transformation projects are supported by domain knowledge in our team.

Our associates, both individuals and niche organisations provide additional depth and enable us to scale elastically.

Sometimes it requires a lot of caffeine.

Digital Design Thinking

  • Understand
  • Articulate
  • Decide
  • Design

Insights led transformation

  • Doing the right things
  • Driving Value
  • Aligning Outcomes

Our core team

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