Our History

WiRD Associates was founded in 1996 as a niche IT consulting company, by a  group from the Denel Informatics R&D team.  Remaining a niche player, over the 20+ years WiRD has participated in the maturation of IT, and the entire Internet Age. 

This was an exciting time. In 1996 the Internet was an infant with the first Mozaic Browser shipping. (we have a boxed copy), a Terabyte of storage was enterprise stuff, Windows was just introducing workgroup networks, Java JDK 1.0 shipped, and business was excited to be able to work on data that was less than a month old.

It seemed a good time for a skilled team to start an Information Management practice to help business exploit the opportunities emerging.

Today we remain passionate professionals with the resulting experience of those many projects, products and changes. It has been, and continues to be a rewarding journey.

Digital Design Thinking


You are the master of your business – you understand it better than anyone else. We invest heavily to understand our client’s businesses in the context of the environment, competition, consumerism, regulations, and the art-of-the-possible given technological advances and megatrends


Through understanding your business, its strategy, persona, drivers and capabilities we articulate the most appropriate business and operating model to future-proof your business and demonstrate the art-of-the-possible. Where appropriate and necessary we advice on refinement and extension of incumbent strategies, objectives, and business and operating models 


A fully articulated business case is only useful when action results. To achieve an informed decision to decide on the best course of action to optimise your business, unlock latent value, and set objectives. Looking at all the factors that influence your business’ strategy, objectives, persona, business and operating models, as well as your incumbent capabilities, performance history, and available resources allows a rational and formally governed decision capability.


Information without action is a little pointless. Bringing it all together, we will design the optimum solution for your business.  Our approach is iterative and agile, and we continually challenge ourselves by understanding, articulating and deciding on the right outcome. We deploy design-thinking principles, develop simply-elegant solutions and implement with minimum disruption

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