Engaging Marketing for financial services. Salesforce in multichannel marketing solutions.

the customer first approach that majority of financial services companies are making towards sales and marketing is changing the digital marketing space. Companies like salesforce (which has marketing cloud as part of its cloud services) are bridging gaps in customer centric digital marketing.

In Adobe’s 2023 Digital trends – financial services in focus the opening statement is “ This year, financial organisations are banking on meaningful customer relationships.” But how these relationships are built using data driven digital means is complex.

The article goes on to show just how dire their financial services companies view the outlook on customer engagement is. Emerging financial services companies focusing on lifestyle, current financial services increasingly aware that their digital customer experience is lacking. One of the major drivers for these topics of concern is the growing need for individualised customer experience.

A digital marketer faces the challenge of targeting and individualising the customer experience. There are so many different tools and digital spaces which offer an aspect of digital marketing. These tools can get overwhelmingly diverse. Your email campaigns run by one tool whilst your social media campaign is run on an entirely different unintegrated tool.

Enter Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It is fully integrated with other aspects of salesforce and includes an email studio, customer journey builder, personalisation, customer data platform, intelligent decision making and tracking, account engagement, advertising, mobile specific marketing, content management, google marketing, loyalty management and data reporting across all of that.

 All this makes for a data centric and individualised customer services and marketing tool that makes the multiple other tools that are needed to replicate it look clunky and unintegrated. In fact in terms of multichannel marketing software Salesforce is giving long-term leaders in the space a run for their money. Their product is a real-time automated and AI driven masterpiece of customer centric digital design. Most importantly salesforce integrates back to other aspects of business avoiding silos of information that have been driving the financial services sectors increasing awareness of their need for customer engagement. 

 Salesforce has in their 2023 release included WhatsApp business messaging and increased their advertising and data stream control centre offerings. This makes them one of the few marketing platforms to integrate into WhatsApp as well as other social media channels that are more common. In a customer centric approach to marketing consistency of message in engagement across channels is key. If one of the channels is not feeding customer specific data into your marketing and sales reporting, how can you be sure that customer is receiving consistent and targeted marketing on that platform. Are you even managing to engage your customers on as many platforms as possible to make sure that the customer is engaged on their preferred channel?

Salesforce is a market leading example of customer centric design that consistently updates its integrations to include the most relevant channels for customer engagement. It is an answer to the financial sectors questions of how to do customer engagement well.

In WiRD’s experience the fast pace of digital transformation in the marketing space can alienate customers from their financial services provider. Salesforce is leading the charge in bringing the customer meaningful financial services experiences. Have something to add to the digital Marketing discussion? Contact WiRD on LinkedIn of through Facebook.

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